The Dakhla Peninsula Monument in Western Saraha in French and Arabic.


Kosmos has held rights to explore an area offshore Cap Boujdour, which is now covered by the Boujdour Maritime block, since 2006 under three separate petroleum agreements with the Kingdom of Morocco, which have included our partner, the Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines (ONHYM). We are extremely attentive to the sensitivity of the area and to the requirements of international law. We have been guided by the 2002 U.N. Legal Opinion on resource exploration and development in non-self-governing territories, including its explicit application to exploration for hydrocarbons offshore the Western Sahara.


Focused on Appraisal and Exploration 

Kosmos’ activities are focused on exploration and do not involve the production of resources. Our activities have yet to prove conclusively whether sufficient hydrocarbon resources are present to justify development.


Broad-based Social and Economic Benefits 

However, Kosmos is working with the Kingdom of Morocco to ensure that if commercial resources are discovered offshore Western Sahara, they are developed in a manner that complies with international law and reflects best practice for resource management. We are committed to operating ethically and transparently. If our exploration efforts are successful, resource development will have the potential to create tangible social and economic benefits for the people of the territory.