Kosmos discovered the Jubilee field offshore Ghana in 2007. It was the company’s first major discovery and one of West Africa’s largest finds of the last two decades. Production began in late 2010 and is now approximately 100,000 barrels per day. Other development projects associated with follow-on discoveries are currently underway and, when completed, will increase production over the next several years.


Kosmos is committed to making a positive difference in the communities where it operates. It strongly supports local employment in the countries where it does business. Ninety-eight percent of its employees in the Ghana office are Ghanaians.

Kosmos also supports programs aimed at enhancing capacity. In collaboration with its partners in the Jubilee field, Kosmos developed the Enterprise Development Center (EDC). The EDC is a capacity building initiative which provides a range of services including: business training, capacity building, advisory services, access to markets, access to finance, information dissemination, business incubation, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Local SMEs are exposed to international business practices, deeper understanding of procurement plans, tendering processes and tender writing along with business planning and development skills.

Over the next five years, the number of basic school graduates in Ghana seeking skills development opportunities is expected to double. Kosmos and its partners considered this need and chose to establish the Jubilee Technical Training Center (JTTC) at Takoradi Polytechnic. The aim of the JTTC is to address the current gaps in skills and competencies training in Ghana. Through the JTTC, competency-based training in instrumentation, mechanical, electrical and process vocational courses is offered. The curriculum also includes health and safety awareness and training.

In an effort to encourage continuing education, Kosmos helped create the Jubilee Livelihood Enhancement and Enterprise Development (Jubilee LEED), which works with members of the fishing industry and related fields. Historically, these individuals have dealt with stagnation in addition to difficulty accessing credit facilities from financial institution. The main contributing factor to these issues is the lack of business and financial knowledge possessed by these individuals. Through Jubilee LEED, Kosmos aims to help fisherman and others in similar situations gain access to credit while improving their business and finance skills. The Jubilee LEED program has been tailored to the needs of 26 selected communities in the 6 coastal districts of the Western Region.

Other local initiatives Kosmos participates in cater to public health, primary education and access to health care. For example, in 2011, Kosmos donated medical equipment such as medical waste incinerators, a blood bank refrigerator and infant weighing scales to local health care facilities. The modern equipment helped improve the facilities’ sanitation practices as well as their wellness and preventive care capabilities.

The following year, Kosmos focused on improving public health. The company partnered with Safe Water Network to construct water stations that would bring clean drinking water to more than 20,000 Ghanaians, helping reduce the incidence of waterborne illness. Additionally, Kosmos donated 2,000 insecticide treated nets to be used in malaria-prone areas of Ghana.

2014 presented a new health challenge for many of the countries in West Africa with the peak of the Ebola crisis. Kosmos donated critical equipment, such as generators and incinerators, to three Ebola treatment centers in Ghana that were being constructed during the Ebola crisis. The donations allowed the cities of Tema, Kumasi, and Tamale to be prepared for a potential outbreak.

Although medical care and public health are integral to social advancement, Kosmos also recognizes the role education plays in improving societies. The company developed a program called Building Communities Through Education through which it donated more than 22,000 books to schools in Western Ghana.